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Last updated: 9/14/2014 10:30:05 PM Central Time
 NameDOBRaceGenderArrest Date
ADAMS, TODD J08/21/1982WhiteMale 
AVIST, CHRISTOPHER R12/04/1971African AmericanMale 
BARTHELEMY, JUSTIN TERRELL02/06/1986African AmericanMale 
BATTLE, DANZELL C01/05/1994African AmericanMale 
BEAN, MICHAEL RENEE03/02/1983African AmericanMale 
BELL, RICHARD LEE03/17/1992WhiteMale 
BILLIOT, ANDREW 02/16/1961WhiteMale 
BILLIOT, EVAN N06/01/1991African AmericanMale 
BLACK, JOHN 02/17/1996African AmericanMale 
BOYD, RICKY J07/17/1985WhiteMale 
BRITT, MATTHEW BLAINE09/24/1990WhiteMale 
BROWN, AARON 07/31/1984WhiteMale 
BROWN, RAYMOND 01/02/1986African AmericanMale 
CASTILLO, JUAN 09/28/1973AsianMale 
CAVALIER, TERRIE LEE12/21/1970WhiteFemale 
CHELETTE, CHANCE G01/23/1985WhiteMale 
COSSE, JARVIS A08/20/1990African AmericanMale 
COX, WILLIAM J07/11/1963WhiteMale 
DEMOLLE, DANMOND 08/01/1980African AmericanMale 
DESPORT, JOSH M05/23/1970WhiteMale 
DORMAN, JEREMY JAMES04/04/1986WhiteMale 
EDGERSON, ALGERNON J02/23/1987African AmericanMale 
ESPADRON, ARNOLD M01/31/1957African AmericanMale 
FARMER, NICOLE RENEE12/15/1981WhiteFemale 
FOUNTAIN, KAREN LEACH11/02/1971African AmericanFemale 
FRANKLIN, RONALD R08/03/1969WhiteMale 
GARCIA-LAKE, ERVIN D02/27/1983African AmericanMale 
GLOVER, ALFRED CLAYTON01/30/1986African AmericanMale 
GONZALES, BRANDON 10/11/1985WhiteMale 
GUERRERO, ARMSTRONG RICARDO12/19/1985African AmericanMale 
GUILLORY, WILLIAM J12/30/1962WhiteMale 
HANSEL, REBECCA M08/22/1986WhiteFemale 
HARDIN, DEREK A10/21/1983WhiteMale 
HENDRIX, WILLIAM J01/06/1979WhiteMale 
HOOKER, RYAN C08/06/1992African AmericanMale 
INGRAHAM, JOSEPH B09/18/1956African AmericanMale 
JENKINS, TABITHA HUNTER07/21/1976WhiteFemale 
JOHNSON, MACY 09/19/1991African AmericanFemale 
JUDD, INGE K11/14/1977WhiteFemale 
JUDY, SHANNON E04/06/1978WhiteMale 
KERSEY, SHANE C.10/30/1978WhiteMale 
LANIEU, JERMAL 08/19/1985African AmericanMale 
LOY, SETH ARRO CHRISTIAN08/13/1995WhiteMale 
MACKEY, OTIS K12/08/1973African AmericanMale 
MALLARD, JAMES R07/28/1985African AmericanMale 
MARTIN, RENARD 11/23/1972African AmericanMale 
MARTINEZ, ROBERT A02/09/1973WhiteMale 
MATLOCK, GREG A11/16/1993WhiteMale 
MCNEIL, ANTHONY ROBERT09/14/1989WhiteMale 
MILLER, RAHEEM LEE11/01/1995African AmericanMale 
MITCHELL, JONATHAN J09/07/1972African AmericanMale 
NAQUIN, TIMMY P02/11/1982WhiteMale 
NIXON, MICHAEL 02/12/1965African AmericanMale 
NORMAND, ALVIN J11/26/1978WhiteMale 
PEREZ, WILMER ANTONIO01/17/1984HispanicMale 
RANDOLPH, JOSEPH 01/15/1954African AmericanMale 
RICHARD, BRIANNE RENEE09/10/1989African AmericanFemale 
RICHARDS, MARVIN L08/04/1975African AmericanMale 
RILEY, JAMES MELVIN11/09/1950African AmericanMale 
RILEY, JANEL LENORE10/19/1970African AmericanFemale 
RILEY, KEINTRON A09/28/1981African AmericanMale 
RISHER, JOSEPH K10/17/1975WhiteMale 
RODGERS, DAVE A03/09/1974African AmericanMale 
ROMANO, DENNIS 05/13/1990WhiteMale 
ROME, JOSEPH ANDREW02/08/1981WhiteMale 
ROUNDTREE, TREVELLE OMAR04/10/1980African AmericanMale 
ROWE, AMY CORRINE07/21/1969WhiteFemale 
SAUNIER, BILLY RAY09/06/1983WhiteMale 
SELLERS, DORIN J02/20/1988African AmericanMale 
SELLERS, ERNESTINE D09/01/1974African AmericanFemale 
ST ANN, DILLION G09/24/1991African AmericanMale 
STEWART, CARL E09/09/1988African AmericanMale 
STOKES, DARIUS DESHAWN06/22/1988African AmericanMale 
SYLVE, TYLER JACOB07/03/1991African AmericanMale 
TAYLOR, DYLON BENUE12/18/1973WhiteMale 
TAYLOR, MICHAEL A07/27/1972African AmericanMale 
TREME, JOSH P01/27/1977WhiteMale 
TURNER, BYRAN L06/15/1977African AmericanMale 
TURNER, MYRON L06/05/1980African AmericanMale 
VEREEN, ALBERT 05/18/1981African AmericanMale 
VERNON, JAMES C04/09/1979WhiteMale 
WALLACE, TREVOR TYRONE05/14/1984African AmericanMale 
WASHINGTON, DERRICK L06/09/1971African AmericanMale 
WATTS, BRIAN THADDEUS04/28/1992African AmericanMale 
WEBB, CARONELL E01/17/1989African AmericanMale 
WILLIAMS, DEMOND 01/10/1980African AmericanMale 
WILLIAMS, DOMINICK 08/22/1990African AmericanMale 
WILLIAMS, L.C 11/22/1973African AmericanMale 
WILLIAMS, LOUIS A01/06/1958African AmericanMale 
WILLIAMSON, JOSEPH O09/08/1989African AmericanMale 
WILSON, JONATHAN E09/09/1972African AmericanMale 
ZIEGLER, JUSTIN M02/16/1988WhiteMale 
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